I am working on a few projects I can’t really share yet, and I just signed on for another one with a book publishing startup.  Acrobats has been barely updated for months now and while I love my characters and story still, I really think it’s best to put it on hold and come back to it when I can devote appropriate time and energy to a regularly-updated comic.  I was originally planning to get through chapter one and put out a booklet, but it would still take a while to get there, and now way am I just shoving an incomplete story into published format and peddling it to people without being able to tell them when the resolution will arrive!

I will be updating sketches and miscellaneous things now and again and I plan on having a table at APE, SF Zinefest, and Bent Con this year (jury is out for Yaoi Con!)  I’ll update things here so no worries, but you can find agentagnes on Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook, too.
Thank you all!!