I barely know what to do with myself now that I have free time again! Eventually I will be posting about a cd cover and a book I’ve been working on for the past 3 months, when the projects actually come out.  In the meantime, here are some sketches I did in my free time.

Here is the directory so you can browse at your leisure.  Most of the most recent ones are NSFW due to nudity!  Sorry I’m not sorry.

I also started on a series of sketches which I’m thinking about turning into a comic.  It’s a lesbian pool party.  Not much story there. :p

01  02  03  04

Random extra sketch of a fetishy couple.

I seem to draw more men/women depending on what’s lacking in my life, it seems. :p



An artwork from earlier this year.

I was asked to participate in two anthologies at the end of last year, and sadly neither one is out yet, which was not the plan.  However, they have no issues with me releasing the work myself.  One of these was an illustration for an anthology with the theme of “dancing stars.”  I picked the constellation of Canis Major as inspiration.  There will be more on the second project some other time.

I am very excited about participating in a reading at the Center for Sex and Culture this Friday!!  It’s all to celebrate Jon Macy’s release of Fearful Hunter 3.  Stop by!  See the freakshow! 😀

Check out this sweet sofa I’ve been sleeping on for two months, and the sweet curtain stapled to the ceiling!  Can you believe this will only last another two weeks before I move into a real bedroom?  Wowzers.

Anyway, new page of Acrobats now that I’m no longer flu-ridden and feverish!

A few extra pages for Picnic on the Moon. :>

Actually, pretty much the moment I got these done, it was like therapy and I felt much better.  I’m an eternal optimist!  Even if a single one. ;3

Sketches done during Wonder Con weekend!  I’m getting back to doodling. :3  The rest involve boobies so I’m just linking them. :>

Mermaid.  (Yet another one, I like drawing topless mermaids, I guess…)

And now some kinky 18+ things!  These are def NSFW…


I’m on a roll with the ladies. 😉  Now back to Acrobats!

And another reminder about Prism Comics looking for more creator variety!

Page 64!

A lot of young Western girls have their first “love” affairs with horses, which can be interpreted in a Freudian way considering the passion frequently flares up in the years right before and during puberty. I myself loved horses between the ages of 10 and 14 despite the fact that riding them scared me and I was always frustrated at their lack of affection toward people unlike cats or dogs. I don’t usually talk much about individual pages, preferring to let readers interpret each page, but it only dawned on me later that Brina’s assertion of self and a new act separate from Zaire, whom she realized did not return her romantic feelings, involved horses (or in this case, horse-like critters.) Seems apropos.

Ugh, I’m coming down with something, I can feeeel it!! 😦

I love trying to show feelings and moods as physical manifestation.  This was my idea for what a deep emotional bond might look like: almost a melting between two people.  (Not a codependent relationship, natch.)

Inking next Acrobats page, sorry it’s a little late again. 😦

Also, I need to try and figure out where I’m going to be staying for WonderCon and all that!

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