Finished Work

An artwork from earlier this year.

I was asked to participate in two anthologies at the end of last year, and sadly neither one is out yet, which was not the plan.  However, they have no issues with me releasing the work myself.  One of these was an illustration for an anthology with the theme of “dancing stars.”  I picked the constellation of Canis Major as inspiration.  There will be more on the second project some other time.

I am very excited about participating in a reading at the Center for Sex and Culture this Friday!!  It’s all to celebrate Jon Macy’s release of Fearful Hunter 3.  Stop by!  See the freakshow! 😀


Going over some website stuff, I noticed I never linked two illustrations in my gallery.  One I kept back because it was for Shousetsu Bang Bang and went up there first.

A pair of my characters enjoying winter.

The other was a picture for the 15 x 13 anthology that I wanted to keep for people who bought the book, but since it is now sold out, I put it up, as it is one my personal favorites!

Another Little Red Riding Hood!

Everyone seems excited about how I ended that last Acrobats page… but no one’s getting naked yet, my apologies!  I did finish pencilling the next page today, though, so it should be done and uploaded this weekend.  Don’t wanna keep anyone in suspense.

I’m also done with the second drawing for the gallery show I’m putting together (cross my fingers!!)  Preview here – not really safe for work. It’s one of my characters who tends to pop up in my BDSM art, Rio. :>

Hello sweets!

I streamlined the shop a little and changed prices to reflect what it actually costs to pack and ship everything.  Sadly, while I have a passion for art, my business sense is rather lacking, so I’m trying to be smarter about things!  Not all is bad for my dear readers, however: I finally grew a pair and put my two adult comics in the shop!  The majority of my audience is adult because my material tends to be more heavy and less teeny-bopper, plus in my professional circles, I mostly meed other artists who enjoy and produce erotic work.  It’s such a vital part of my identity, my work, and cultures I feel I’m a part of that it is a mistake not to be open about it, even if some professionals might discourage it.  If you are interested, please check out the shop.

I realized lately that I’ve been releasing too little art promoting the Horace Spiegelman book I did with Socar Myles.  This is slowly being remedied.  I uploaded my absolute favorite illustration I did to my gallery and DeviantArt.  You can see it here.

One of my next to-do items is making a page for Picnic on the Moon and uploading more material there.  It may be self-indulgent and at time too personal for reader comfort, but it is good fun for me. 🙂  And who knows, someday I once I’m dead and gone, future generations might view it as some important kind of documentation of a poor, queer, crazy artist in San Francisco at the start of the new millennium.  Here’s hoping!

Be well everyone!

I did the cover for the winter holiday issue of Bang Bang Shousetsu.

28 issues already!  I think I started reading that back at issue 4 or 5… Many years ago, when I still used livejournal for actual life blogging purposes. Heh.  Anyway, I love the stories in this zine.  They are well-written, romantic, erotic, and a couple times per year have a ladies’ romance issue, too!  If any of you are stuck somewhere for the holidays and bored… happy reading!