I barely know what to do with myself now that I have free time again! Eventually I will be posting about a cd cover and a book I’ve been working on for the past 3 months, when the projects actually come out.  In the meantime, here are some sketches I did in my free time.

Here is the directory so you can browse at your leisure.  Most of the most recent ones are NSFW due to nudity!  Sorry I’m not sorry.

I also started on a series of sketches which I’m thinking about turning into a comic.  It’s a lesbian pool party.  Not much story there. :p

01  02  03  04

Random extra sketch of a fetishy couple.

I seem to draw more men/women depending on what’s lacking in my life, it seems. :p



Sketches done during Wonder Con weekend!  I’m getting back to doodling. :3  The rest involve boobies so I’m just linking them. :>

Mermaid.  (Yet another one, I like drawing topless mermaids, I guess…)

And now some kinky 18+ things!  These are def NSFW…


I’m on a roll with the ladies. 😉  Now back to Acrobats!

And another reminder about Prism Comics looking for more creator variety!

I love trying to show feelings and moods as physical manifestation.  This was my idea for what a deep emotional bond might look like: almost a melting between two people.  (Not a codependent relationship, natch.)

Inking next Acrobats page, sorry it’s a little late again. 😦

Also, I need to try and figure out where I’m going to be staying for WonderCon and all that!

What I think of when I think of 2011:

Anyway.  I got the next page of Acrobats pencilled and still working on a couple other things.  Stay tuned.

One of my sketchbooks fell off my bicycle while I was going to work and I couldn’t find it when I backtracked.  😦  So some stuff was lost…  But I do have a few from Zinefest weekend. I actually wasn’t doing so well those days…



Next Acro page is pencilled and ready for ink!

Hello everyone!  I got the next page of Acrobats done, finally.  I don’t like it, but my personal philosophy is that one page out of a couple hundred is allowed to be so-so if it’ll get me moving toward finishing the damn thing.  I do not have a steady schedule or day for updates yet; things are just too hectic.  I will try to get a new page up at least once every two weeks again, however.

I also did two new sketches:

Another mermaid.

BDSM funtimes aftermath.  (NSFW!!)  I’ve drawn plenty of M/m BDSM, and some F/f, but usually felt too uncomfortable with M/f, for various reasons.  I think I’m pretty over that now. :>

Hi guys!  Been a while!

New page of Acrobats!

Also, I’m working for a few pieces for a group gallery show for Wicked Grounds come summer.  It is a show of erotic drawings.  I got one done. I will also have my friends JAB, LMP, and Vera joining me for this, but more on that later, assuming we all get shit done. ;>

And to round it off, my personal Valentine, straight from the heart.

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