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Hi folks!

I got a Tumblr under the same name as here since so many of my artist peers sang its praises, and I must say I really enjoy it!  I don’t see the point of running two blogs, so I will start to solely update that one.  Tumblr blogs can be added to RSS feeds easily even if you don’t have one.  And I have a new update there-


Who’s excited about the Dirty Comics Reception tonight??  THIS GAL! Who’s excited about the Dirty Comics reception tonight?? THIS GAL 😀 Facebook Page is here! (also I get paid today, but this is almost better!)

Another Dirty Comics show! I will have a few pages on display at the Center for Sex and Culture in SF! Opening reception is October 5th. Runs throughout the month. (Probably.)

An artwork from earlier this year.

I was asked to participate in two anthologies at the end of last year, and sadly neither one is out yet, which was not the plan.  However, they have no issues with me releasing the work myself.  One of these was an illustration for an anthology with the theme of “dancing stars.”  I picked the constellation of Canis Major as inspiration.  There will be more on the second project some other time.

I am very excited about participating in a reading at the Center for Sex and Culture this Friday!!  It’s all to celebrate Jon Macy’s release of Fearful Hunter 3.  Stop by!  See the freakshow! 😀

My comic pal Jon Macy is having a release party for his book Fearful Hunter #3.  It’s a sexy demon ero comic.  And he’s also asked Justin Hall of Glamazonia, Rick Worley of A Waste of Time, and yours truly, to do readings from their own dirty comics!  So if you’ve ever wanted to see Agnes do a live reading of Botfly, get your pretty self on down:

July 27th 7:30 pm at the Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission St (btwn 9th and 10th) San Francisco, CA

I recently read the full graphic novel My Friend Dahmer.  I had read the original self-published floppy at APE, I think a year or two ago, and then regretted not buying immediately after the show ended.  I found it a few weeks later somewhere and snatched it up.  When I heard it had come out as a full graphic novel, I snatched that right up, too.

For a long time I’d been too entranced  by pretty boy manga and pretty boy indie publishings of my peers to really get into a less aesthetically focused breed of indie comics.  But in the past couple years, I’ve come around.  The storytelling in this book is fantastic, and the art is skilled and consistent even if it is nothing like what I used to idolize and strive to recreate in my own work.  I enjoyed that the artist stopped just short of going into the crimes Dahmer is really famous for – we all know the general story and the more gruesome details.  No need to elaborate on that.  I also liked how well he weaved hindsight with the limited perceptions of Dahmer’s problems back in their teenage years.  As he says, no one back then understood alcoholism, and adults had little interest in spotting “troubled” kids or doing anything to help them (not that they do now, but the level of awareness that they should is higher.)  My favorite moment, in both the floppy and the novel, is when Backderf and his friends get together years after high school and chat about people they used to know.  Someone brings up Dahmer.  Backderf exclaims, “He’s probably a serial killer!” They all laugh.  I can’t even imagine how creepy it must be for him to look back on that after the news about Dahmer’s crimes broke.

So yeah, highly recommended.

I have an NDA on the project I’m working on now, but I figured at least I could talk about what I’ve been reading. :p

I am working on a few projects I can’t really share yet, and I just signed on for another one with a book publishing startup.  Acrobats has been barely updated for months now and while I love my characters and story still, I really think it’s best to put it on hold and come back to it when I can devote appropriate time and energy to a regularly-updated comic.  I was originally planning to get through chapter one and put out a booklet, but it would still take a while to get there, and now way am I just shoving an incomplete story into published format and peddling it to people without being able to tell them when the resolution will arrive!

I will be updating sketches and miscellaneous things now and again and I plan on having a table at APE, SF Zinefest, and Bent Con this year (jury is out for Yaoi Con!)  I’ll update things here so no worries, but you can find agentagnes on Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook, too.
Thank you all!!


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