Hello everyone!  I am scanning in and fixing up a buncha sketches to show everyone, but it’s slow going until Thursday.  In the meantime, I have to say I had a wonderful time at Wonder Con thanks in large part to the folks at Prism Comics.  Prism works to promote LGBTQ creators and works featuring LGBTQ characters.  And they are in fact now looking for more creators, specifically those of us who identify as:

otherwise queer female
create comics about characters who identify as above
and anything that isn’t essentially gay-identified cis men!

Prism is concerned about becoming the kind of boys’ club mainstream comics is, so they asked me to recruit (ahem) for the cause.  If you fit any of these categories, please consider sending in your comics!  And please consider attending Bent Con in LA in December.  I will be tabling and am brainstorming panels on intersecting topics of comics and queerness.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know! 😀


Soon off to Wonder Con in Anaheim!

I am going to hang around the Prism Comics booth now and again between doing my rounds.  I have two signings there: Friday at 5pm and Saturday at 4pm.  Plus, I will be participating in the panel THE BAD AND THE BOLD: PUSHING THE BOUNDARIES WITH LGBT CHARACTERS at 6:30pm on Friday.  I will not be at the con Sunday so if you’d like to say hi, the signings are your best bet!

Oh yeah, and re: Acrobats. I’m on a deadline for an illustration for another project, hence the delay.  I just started inking the next page so it should be up soonish.

I am nailing down my Wonder Con schedule.  Wonder Con is at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.  I should be there Friday afternoon and all of Saturday, not sure about Sunday.  I will not have my own table – rather, I will be hanging around the Prism Comics booth.  They have Picnic on the Moon, Disconnect, and Flesh Games for sale but no prints this time around. I will be doing a signing there, also, the time of which I will update soon!

This is the panel I’m participating in: “The Bad and The Bold: Pushing the Boundaries with LGBT Characters” Room 211AB.  Friday, 6:30-7:30pm!  Proudly brought to you by the letter B, if you didn’t already know. :>

Stop by and say hi!!!

So looks like I will be going to Wonder Con even though it moved to Anaheim this year.  I was invited to participate on a panel about LGBT characters in comics (woo!)  Well it’s really more specific than that but I’ll update with more info closer to the date.  It’s the weekend of March 16-18th.

I’m blogging from Yaoi Con! If you’re here, come see me in Bayshore 3. 🙂

I use this blog primarily for art updates, but sometimes I miss the personal blogging aspect of it. Because then I can vent to you, dear reader, exactly why I’ve been so slow with arting. So bypassing a general desire to not end up a female Harvey Pekar, and so going out and having a social life for once, in the past couple days:

-I was stung by a wasp as an opening act
-I dumped someone and it was totally deserved, but these things always suck regardless
-I lost the sketchbook in which I was thumbnailing Acrobats
-I was notified by OPD that I’m about to get a $$$ ticket for not fully stopping before turning right on red
-mixups with friends in town for Yaoi Con meant I spent Friday night mostly at home going over all this stuff and feeling mopey and considering drinking a whole bottle of wine. I ate pizza instead and hung out with my sister, which was a much better choice.

I guess it can only go up from here? I’ll keep telling myself that while I start thumbnailing the next Acrobats page from scratch between customers.


Hi guys! I think I’m climbing out of my funk. New art should be soonish. In the meantime, here are cons I plan to table at this fall:

SF Zinfest – Labor Day Weekend, Sep 3-4, San Francisco

APE – Oct. 1-2, San Francisco

Yaoi-Con – Oct 21-23 (pending table confirmation, but I’ll be there!)

I will also be participating in APE’s Queer Cartoonists panel, moderated by Justin Hall of Glamazonia fame. This will be on Sat Oct. 1st 5-6. Money constraints are sadly keeping me from visiting SPX or registering for any spring cons at the moment. I need to get back to producing more art, anyway. :>

Thank you to everyone still with me!



New Page.

My day at work today was much too exciting.  I could use a break from excitement, really… Time to put my feet up.

I sent off my payments/applications for this year’s SF Zinefest and APE.  See you guys there!

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