New page!  So it looks like I’m keeping up with the old “every other week” schedule until further notice.  I was totally high school and listening to a song on repeat drawing this – In Power We Trust the Love Eternal by Dead Can Dance (and covered by The Gathering!)

I’m settled in my new place and starting a brand shiny new job in a week.  Yay!


Hello folks!  The organizer has just put the details up, so now I can share!


Here is the info reposted in case you can’t see it:
The Center for Sex and Culture proudly presents Dirty Comics!

Erotic comics are as old as comics themselves. While comics were
thought of as the medium of adolescents for much of the twentieth
century, erotic work has always permeated the form. Jon Macy has
curated a show featuring the work of over thirty contemporary artists.
Some are known for their erotic work and others are known for more
mainstream work and their erotic work is rarely seen. Both art and
artists span a wide array of genders, orientations, races and ages. A
broad spectrum of tastes and styles are sure to provide something for
any viewer.

Jon Macy is a local erotic comic artist known for his work in gay porn
magazines, as well as his series Fearful Hunter and his recent Lambda
Literary Award winning graphic novel Teleny and Camille.

Show opens Friday October 7 from 6 to 9pm.

Thursday October 13 from 7pm, A Discussion of Yaoi:
Yaoi is a distinct form of erotic comic work featuring sex between men
as titillation for a female audience.
Join us for a fascinating discussion led by Agnes Czaja

Tuesday October 18 from 7 to 10pm, Kinky Wonder Woman:
Boston Blake gives us a lasso laced lecture on the kinky origins and
innuendos of Americas most famous female super hero.
A deep view in to one of many crossover points between mainstream and
erotic comics.

The Center for Sex and Culture
1349 Mission Street (between 9th and 10th Streets)
Gallery hours to be posted soon


So yes, I will tell you my thoughts on yaoi. :B

Acrobats is, unfortunately delayed again… But it is in the pencilling stage right now.