A few extra pages for Picnic on the Moon. :>

Actually, pretty much the moment I got these done, it was like therapy and I felt much better.  I’m an eternal optimist!  Even if a single one. ;3


Picnic is updated with a few pages. #4 if NSFW! http://agentagnes.com/picnic/?id=61 I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to post some of this. But once I finish all these cathartic drawings, it seems like a waste to just let them gather dust in old sketchbooks. So voila.

I’ve only scanned a few pages, but it’s to motivate me to scan the other 40+ or so… More soon!

Firstly, I put up more material at Picnic on the Moon. It’s a hodge-podge of stuff, mostly art I had in my sketchbook, from the past 7-8 months.  There will probably be more soon considering I’m about to spend a long time on trains/planes and started taking BART to work again instead of driving.  Commuting!  Useful for more than just getting places!

Wonder Con was pretty awesome!  I made decent sales, met some awesome artists – the ladies behind Minor Acts of Heroism, a cute superhero comic – and cool people interested in what I do.  Plus, I got some good feedback from industry people when I showed off my portfolio, which boosted my self-esteem a bunch (and I need that now and again.)  I’m leaving tonight for NYC so I can sell at MoCCA! :>  Excitement!

Hello friends,

I made a new section for Picnic on the Moon on my website. So far it’s mostly older material, but I’ll be scanning and posting plenty more soon enough, along with working on the next Acrobats page.  Worry not! 🙂